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Executive Coaching That Combines Proprietary Tools With Evidence-Based Methods

The Journey to Personal and Professional Growth

Set Vision & Goals

Commit, Act & Grow

Evolve & Fine Tune

Our Approach

We help executives, leaders, and teams develop the mindsets, behaviors, and strategies that elevate performance. 

We do this through a whole-person and holistic approach that transforms perspectives and promotes growth by increasing self-awareness, cultivating emotional intelligence, and strengthening mental fitness.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to
Professional Development

Attain Leadership Competency Model™

The Attain Leadership Competency Model™ is a powerful proprietary tool that is used to guide ongoing coaching engagements. The model identifies 20 key competencies and related influencing factors across four foundational leadership dimensions:

  • Leading Self

  • Leading Others

  • Organizational Awareness

  • Decision-Making

Creative application of the model enables customized and impactful coaching sessions that focus on specific client strengths, blind spots, and growth opportunities.

The model also helps coach and client identify factors that may have a positive or negative influence on the client’s performance with respect to a specific competency. This ensures coaching activities are directed to those competencies requiring the most attention.

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Applied Learning Approach

Research shows that it takes three real-world applications of a new behavior before it is internalized and sustained behavior change is achieved.

Attain’s coaching and leadership engagements promote growth and positive behavior change through a five-step constructive learning approach that merges focused objectives, best practice models, and applied learning opportunities.

This approach not only help clients acquire new capabilities, but it also allows them to construct a deeper, more nuanced understanding of new capabilities and leadership strategies.

Attain Leadership ADAPT™ Solution Framework

The Attain Leadership ADAPT Solution Framework is a simple proprietary tool that provides guiding principles on how to work through challenges in a manner consistent with the competencies identified in the Attain Leadership Competency Model.

There are five elements of the ADAPT Solution Framework:

  1. Assess

  2. Develop

  3. Agile

  4. Prepare

  5. Transform.

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