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Executive Coaches That Empower You to Shape a Better Future

After 20+ years as a C-level executive and senior leader in both startup and large global marketing services companies, and a three-year stint as an attorney, I discovered my true mission: inspiring executives to realize their full potential. I do this through a whole-person approach that emphasizes the behavioral, interpersonal, and contextual aspects of leadership and work performance.


During my career, I was a successful senior executive and business strategist advising some of the largest global companies and brands across numerous industries including automotive, consumer goods, financial services, insurance, life sciences/health care, technology, and telecom.


Trained as a business leader, marketer, executive coach, and attorney, I integrate evidence-based methods, analytical skills, and a deep understanding of human and organizational behavior into my client engagements.

Fred Petito, Founder, Attain Leadership
Fred Petito, Founder, Attain Leadership

What I Believe

Personal and professional transformation is critical for any executive to grow and advance. Because being an executive today involves so much more than mastering functional skills, it has never been more important for those in or aspiring to leadership roles to develop themselves and become more multidimensional people and executives.

Executive coaching is one of the most powerful tools to help people develop professionally. While executives can hone their functional skills independently, working with an executive coach will accelerate their ability to achieve their personal best performance and deliver the value to their organization and other stakeholders that is critical to their ongoing career success.

Fred Petito received his Doctorate in Business and Marketing from Pace University and graduated from Columbia Business School’s Executive Development Program. He received his Advanced Executive Coach training at the College of Executive Coaching and is a Board Certified and Leadership Challenge Certified Coach. Formerly an attorney, Fred has been a speaker at numerous conferences, including the Cannes Lions Festival.

What Makes Me Unique

  • My coaching approach is grounded in over 20 years of experience as a C-level executive and senior leader with both startup and large global marketing services firms where I coached and advised countless executives on a wide range of topics.

  • I have built and led multiple teams in my career and have been a strategic advisor to some of the world’s most prominent companies.

  • My multidisciplinary training in leadership, marketing, and law gives me a potent combination of conceptual, analytical, and problem-solving skills that make me a clear thinker and quick study with even the most complex challenges.

  • At the core, I am a team leader, business strategist, analyst, and human insights expert with extensive experience applying principles from the behavioral sciences to a variety of business and leadership situations.

  • I have learned through experience what works and what does not work across a spectrum of business and leadership challenges – regardless of your situation, I’m certain I have the experience to partner with you and achieve the outcomes you desire.

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