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Elevate Your Performance to Achieve Your Growth Goals

Why Executive Coaching?

The best executives are constantly evolving. Mastering the functional skills of a job is only one part of being an effective leader. The next stage of growth for both emerging and established leaders is increasing their ability to influence and inspire others, manage conflict, and quickly adapt to uncertainty and change.

Our coaching engagements help executives cultivate these relational and organizational skills through a whole-person approach that creates new mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors. The outcome is more effective executives with enhanced abilities to lead themselves, lead others, and flourish even in the most challenging situations.

High-Potential Coaching: Three-to-Four Levels Down From C-Level
High-Potential Coaching: Three-to-Four Levels Down From C-Level

Common Goals: Developing leadership presence, improving communication skills, preparing for leadership roles with more responsibility

Common Coaching Topics:

  • Managing up, down, and across the organization

  • Improving communication and personal influence skills

  • Developing strategic and critical thinking abilities

  • Increasing self- and situational awareness

  • Navigating complex interpersonal and team dynamics

  • Managing time and energy levels

  • Mentoring and developing junior talent

  • Tackling imposter syndrome

Senior Executive Coaching: One-to-Two Levels Down From C-Level
Senior Executive Coaching: One-to-Two Levels Down From C-Level

Common Goals: Driving meaningful engagement and impact on their team and across the broader organization

Common Coaching Topics:

  • Amplifying executive presence to influence, motivate and inspire

  • Delegating and empowering team members

  • Increasing self-awareness and the ability to give and receive feedback

  • Bringing a more inclusive mindset to the team

  • Creating and communicating an inspiring vision for their team

  • Honing decision-making skills

  • Building strong relationships with other functional leaders and teams

  • Delivering and exceeding business results

C-Level Coaching and Advisory Services
C-Level Coaching and Advisory Services

Common Goals: Building alignment around your vision and strategy, ensuring execution excellence, and improving employee engagement

Common Coaching Topics:

  • Leading with vision and purpose

  • Achieving diversity and inclusion goals

  • Bringing strategic clarity to difficult business challenges

  • Improving cross-functional team collaboration

  • Strengthening decision-making in uncertain situations

  • Building and motivating high-performance teams

  • Elevating strategic planning and strategic thinking abilities

  • Mentoring and developing talent and succession planning

A Few of the Companies Our Clients Work For

Executive Coaching
How it Works

Goal: Accelerate the journey to personal best performance for executives with measurable work-related results

Details, Support & Deliverables:

  • Duration varies, but typically 6-12 months

  • An initial 1.5-hour discovery session

  • Leadership style and 360 assessments depending on client needs to clarify development areas and performance outcomes

  • Open and flexible conversations between coach and client (typically one-hour bi-weekly) focused on strategies to best address development areas

  • Conversations can be conducted on Zoom or in person depending on the client’s location

  • Email access between sessions (during business hours) – additional one hour per week

  • Manager touchpoints at the beginning and end of the engagement for organization-sponsored coaching

  • Supplemental resources to support coaching goals

  • Personalized development plan

Executive Coaching – How it Works
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