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Strengthen Your Organization Through Optimal Team Performance

High-performing teams are critical for any business to grow. Yet team effectiveness and performance are often taken for granted. While a handful of teams achieve excellence, the majority remain untapped reservoirs of potential.


Our approach to team development goes beneath the surface by combining validated assessments, facilitated team workshops, and individual team member coaching. This comprehensive approach addresses the root causes of underperforming teams by strengthening relationships, fostering collaboration, and instilling accountability.

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A Holistic Approach to
Team Development

Teams are unique social entities that unite people with different identities, behavioral styles, and motivations to achieve a common goal. Aligning these highly individualistic qualities doesn’t happen organically. This interpersonal alignment needs to be cultivated and nurtured. 


Interpersonal alignment is only one piece of the puzzle. Teams operate within a broader organizational and external context that can have a powerful effect on their performance.


Our approach to executive team development considers the interpersonal, contextual, and other factors that influence team behaviors. This method informs more impactful interventions that unlock transformative improvements in team performance.

Team Development Details

Teams Developed: Senior Leadership Teams, Cross-functional Teams, Virtual and Hybrid Project Teams 

Team Development Methodology

While every team development program is unique, our engagements generally follow a four-phased methodology. We will work with your organization to design tailored team development workshops and individual exercises to meet specific development needs identified during the program. 


(1 Month)

  • 360 Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS) and individual work style assessments

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Review TDS and workstyle assessment results with team leader/program sponsor


(2-6 Months)

  • Brief team on TDS insights

  • Define areas of focus and desired outcomes

  • Two to six tailored sessions depending on objectives


  • Parallel or after the team development phase depending on team dynamics

  • Track progress on team outcomes and address development opportunities 

  • Two to four individual sessions depending on team dynamics


  • Post-program TDS to measure impact and insights for future development

  • Attain Leadership to analyze TDS results and prepare forward action development plan

  • Forward action meeting to review follow-up TDS and align on future action plan

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About Fred Petito

Attain Leadership Founder, Fred Petito, leads all our Executive Team Development programs:

  • Over 25 years of experience as a Chief Strategy Officer and C-level executive in public and private global companies, roll-up mergers, and startups.

  • Built and led multiple teams throughout his career.

  • Knows from experience what works and what does not work across a broad spectrum of team performance and leadership challenges.

  • Advanced Certified Executive Coach, Certified Leadership Coach, Certified Team Coach, and Board Certified Coach

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