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Best Practice Leadership Programs for a Variety of Development Needs

Leadership is Not a Job Title, It’s a Way of Being

Whether the goal is to nurture high-performing managers or help experienced executives expand their repertoire, Attain’s programs develop executives who are better prepared to adapt, grow, and drive results.

These structured programs have well-defined objectives but can be modified to meet the unique needs of an executive or sponsoring organization.

Leadership Development Programs
Emerging Leader Program.jpg
Emerging Leader Program

For: Up-and-coming executives nearing promotion to their first leadership role

Description: Merges evidence-based skills with an executive’s personal values and strengths to cultivate an authentic leadership style

Transition and Onboarding Accelerator Program
Transition and Onboarding Accelerator Program

For: Executives who are entering a new organization or taking on a new position with more responsibility and higher expectations

Description: A proactive “First 100 Days” and beyond program that helps transitioning executives seamlessly assimilate, avoid common onboarding traps, and quickly generate value in a new role

Agile Leader Program
Agile Leader Program

For: Senior executives in fast-paced environments with high levels of uncertainty, complexity, and change

Description: Develops the mindsets and skills to be a more dynamic and empowering leader in unpredictable and rapidly changing environments


Leadership Programs – How They Work

Goal: Accelerate the growth journey for executives through targeted programs that combine preeminent leadership practices with applied learning opportunities


Details, Support & Deliverables:

  • Each program has specific learning objectives, curricula, and supporting assets

  • Duration – approximately six to nine months

  • Cadence – one-hour, bi-weekly Zoom meetings (plus 1.5-hour discovery and wrap-up sessions)

  • In-person meetings available depending on the client’s location

  • Learning objectives are established and agreed to at the beginning of the program and each module

  • Programs are comprised of six to eight modules

  • Program assets include custom content, tools, frameworks, best practices, and exercises

  • Opportunities for applying program principles to real-world situations are prioritized to reinforce learning

  • Program curriculum and assets are fully accessible on a shared, secure, and confidential digital platform

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About Fred Petito

Attain Leadership Founder, Fred Petito, leads all our Leadership Development programs:

  • Over 25 years of experience as a Chief Strategy Officer and C-level executive in public and private global companies, roll-up mergers, and startups.

  • Built and led multiple teams throughout his career.

  • Knows from experience what works and what does not work across a broad spectrum of business, leadership, and work performance challenges.

  • Advanced Certified Executive Coach, Certified Leadership Coach, Certified Team Coach, and Board Certified Coach

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