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Attain Leadership Coaching - Leadership Development for Growth-minded Executives and Organizations


We Help Executives Reach Their Highest Potential

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Executive Coaching Delivers Meaningful Results

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Advance Your Career

The success of executives depends on their ability to broaden their leadership skills and meet the challenges of a constantly changing business environment. Unlock your full potential, become a more agile leader, and thrive in an ever-changing world.

Leadership Coaching
Successfully Navigate Transitions

Career transitions are high-stakes moments – more than 40 percent of executives in new roles fail in the first two years. Avoid common transition traps by increasing your self-awareness, leveraging your strengths, and creating a transition strategy tailored to the situation.

Leadership Coaching
Lead With More Influence

Influential leaders bring out the best in people through their vision, compassion, and integrity. Develop a loyal following by articulating a clear set of values and cultivating a compelling and inspiring executive presence grounded in your authentic self.

Leadership Coaching
Strengthen Your Resilience

The constant pressure and multiple demands on leaders can lead to self-neglect, burnout, and poor performance. Turbocharge your resilience by cultivating greater awareness of the hidden habits that control how you think, feel, and behave so you can approach challenges with clarity and ease. 

Executive Coaching Delivers Real ROI

Increase in productivity when combined with training
Source: PMA
Increase in self-confidence
Source: ICF
Improved job performance, relationships & communication
Source: ICF
Increase in team performance
Source: ICF

Our Services

Our Approach

We help executives and organizations improve performance by developing the mindsets, behaviors, and strategies that drive success as a leader. 


We do this through a whole-person and systemic approach that promotes growth, transforms perspectives, and improves the emotional intelligence and mental resilience of executives, teams, and organizations. 

A Few of the Companies Our Clients Work For

Don't just take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say about us below!

Client Testimonials

“I was fortunate to engage Fred as an executive coach at a time when I was exploring a major career transition. His ability to understand the critical transition issues I was facing and encourage me to explore different pathways forward truly did unlock opportunities that I never would have discovered without his partnership.”

Linda R.

CEO, Creative Production Firm

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